Suz Set - Beach

Pillow Covers

Suz Set - Beach

The purpose of the pillow cover is to protect your pillow from stains, spreads, or other damages. A good pillow cover will also be able to breathe and fit your pillow perfectly, allowing you to sleep well without worrying about the pillow falling or breaking. In this article, we tell you the size and many other things about Suz set-Beach pillowcases.

12” x 20" Suz Lumbar Pillow

Suz Lumbar size pillows are made for standard and queen size pillows. The extra material at one end can cover the long length of the queen pillow and still look aesthetically pleasing.

Pillow Covers

The small size makes Suz Lumbar size pillows ideal for pillows that you can fit on twin and twin XL size mattresses. Two Suz pillow set can also complete or comfortably rest on a queen mattress. Twin, Twin XL, and full-size bed seats usually come with a standard pillow, but for larger sizes, such as the Queen, King, and California King, the set will come with two.

Another shot of a standard-size pillow is super standard size. Although not as common, large standard-size pillows are two inches long to fit larger pillows. It can fit both standard and ultra-standard pillows but can be too small for king-size pillows.

Do pillows need Pillowcases?

As a general rule, yes. You should keep your pillow inside the pillow to protect its contents. We also recommend pillow protectors, which are often waterproof and protect against liquids and allergens.

Pillow Covers

However, some pillows may not require a pillow or may include a special case. For example, some pillows for neck pain may have a different design that prevents you from slipping traditional pillows on top of it.

Wedge pillows usually include a cover that fits on a ramp-like fill.

20” x 20" Suz Pillow Cover

This size of pillows is used for sofa decoration or on the beds for decorating or sit easily this is a standard size and without cover, pillows will be damaged and not look good.

These covers are made with 55%cotton and 45% rayon.