Suz Pillow Cover Beach Design

Suz Pillow Cover Beach Design

Suz Pillow:

If you want to make your sofa comfortable. Then this is the perfect pillow cover that makes your dreams sweet. Suz pillow cover brings ultra-fine texture to your dreamy pillow cover. Surely, this pillow can melt any armchair or sofa into a creamy feeling. We are very sure this pillow will increase your relaxation. We designed this product with mainly premium stuff. We used pure Cotton and Rayon fabric in designing this pillow cover.

This pillow cover also creates an adorable change in your home decor. Furthermore, we provide all types of varieties in pillow covers that make your home look more attractive. This product is the perfect pillow for all settings from conventional to up-to-date and will add more. After using this pillow cover, you can feel the exact texture you are looking for on your sofa.

Suz Pillow Cover - Beach


We designed that pillow cover with pure cotton and rayon. 55% cotton and 45% Rayon were used in the design of this pillow cover. These fabrics increase the pillow cover texture more comfortable. With that surface, you will feel more relaxed in your lifestyle atmosphere.


The size of the Suz Pillow Cover is 21 by 12 inches. That is the natural and suitable measurement of pillow covers. This is the general size of pillow covers.

Invisible Zipper

Invisible zips are fitted with the pillow cover, which makes it easy to dry clean. You can easily spare the cover from the pillow and wash it.


Our all products are handmade in the USA. This pillow cover is also handmade. Handmade designing increases the beauty and texture more adorable.


In the sense of care, you can only dry clean the pillow cover. You cannot wash it with your hands. Dry cleaning maintains the texture of the pillow cover.