Luxe Pillow Cover

Luxe Pillow Cover

Smooth Luxe Pillow Cover

Best of all, this Lux collection is our most premium offering with 92% Polyester and  8% Cotton for a softer hand-feel. Add a glamorous finishing touch to your pillow with this luxe pillow cover. It has a beautiful beaded stripe design.

Finding a pillow to support your head and upper body can make it difficult to allow proper spine alignment and relaxation. But a lot of people do not recognize how important their pillow is for healthy sleep. Pillows are just as essential as selecting a mattress to help you sleep through the night.

Luxe Pillow Cover

Features and Benefits Of Luxe Pillow Cover

The features and benefits of a product help you to determine the quality and usability of claims made for your pleasure. Everything from the measurement to the type of stitching can affect its comfort and usability. Below are the features and benefits of pillows that can help you determine, how's the luxe pillow cover is the best one for you? 


Luxe pillow cover provides a silky smooth feeling and luminous sheen. This heavy fabric is warm and ideal for year-round comfort.

Luxe Pillow Cover

Linen Textured

The premium material is soft and durable to the touch, its high quality makes these pillowcases more pleasant and sophisticated. You can print or embroider whatever you want with these solid-colored cushion covers. They are excellent pillows for personalization.

Invisible Zipper Design:

Delicately hidden zipper that hides zip once closed, making it easy to insert and remove. Many colors to choose from, it combines with any decoration.

Luxe Pillow Cover

Easy Maintenance:

Easy clean and machine washable for best results as well as for longer life, wash below 85F and choose low heat when you are drying it.


Luxe pillow cover is the ideal cushion cover for all sorts of furniture, school, traveling, and nap. Prepare your bed or sofa with this shiny pillow, add a nice pop of color to your cozy home.