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Kurrajong Pillow Cover

Pillow covers are an easy addition to upgrade your home style. One swap is all it takes to provide your sofa or bed a unique appearance. So what kind of cover do you think would fit your cushion today? Flowers, stripes, steel blue, or all previous? The choice is yours and what you like.

Kurrajong Pillow Cover

Beauty & Comfort 

Decorate your space or give away a handmade pillow cover that is made with the traditional technique of hand-weaving in remote areas of the village. Experience the techniques of the traditional art of weaving with these symmetrical striped patterned pillow covers. The pillow cover is smooth with a decorative feel and charming texture made of handmade threads. Handmade fabrics are a natural material that adds elegance and comfort to any room or setting.

Handmade Textures

We consider that style should be suitable for both people and the planet. Kurrajong pillow covers handmade cushions tell the same story. The natural color reflects its natural glow, it is attractive and eye-catching which adds charm and texture to any place.

Using a cushion cover is an easy way to brighten any living space and add character. Easily add style, comfort, and functionality, change the feel of the place or reflect the weather. These neutral cushion courses have a striped pattern.

Kurrajong Pillow Cover

Unique Shape

The Kurrajong pillow cover has a self texture pattern produced with 58% viscose that creates a unique shape, texture, and feels. The great quality, durable structure, and aesthetic appeal will be a welcome addition to any layout. The handmade pillow cover features master craftsmanship with a natural coconut button for aesthetic design in front of the cushion while the filler assures easy removal and insertion of the pillow.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Dry clean only. Don't pick loose ends. These pillow covers are lined with cotton lining to help promote a long-lasting life. Our famous life home products have been carefully crafted by our master craftsmen one piece at a time.