Jumper Pillow Cover Indigo

Jumper Pillow Cover Indigo

Jumper Pillow:

We provide all kinds of verities in pillows that make your lifestyle adorable and enjoyable. In that blog, we provide you with the details of our great product that is a jumper pillow cover- Indigo. This blue jumper pillow will bring refreshments feelings to your home. All pillows make your home look adorable. But this pillow adds flexibility to your use pillow. This pillow increase softness in your sofa. Softness brings relaxed texture to your rest and makes you comfortable.

A soft texture pillow will make layers that please your eyes. This soft pillow makes your dreams sweet and makes enjoyable feelings. This pillow is mainly designed to increase the joy that we can feel when we use this pillow. We used the same fabric on both sides of the pillow.

Jumper Pillow Cover Indigo

Specifications of Jumper Pillow:

In that part of the blog, we will describe all specifications of this pillow.


To make this pillow more adorable, we used 82% of Rayon and 16% of polyester. Rayon is a natural fabric resource that we get from wood products. It makes the pillow cover softer. Polyester also increases the flexibility of the pillow cover.


We provide 12 by 21 inches in size maintenance. This size is a good measurement that looks too good on the sofa.


The design of this pillow is totally made by hand in the USA. The handmade design increases the softness of the pillow. We provide more varieties of pillows that are made by hand.

Invisible Zipper:

We add an invisible zipper to the design of that pillow. This will help you when you want to dry clean the pillow. You can easily spare cover from the pillow and dry clean it.


You can only dry clean this pillow to maintain its quality. You should not clean it by hand. Use spot clean techniques to make effective dry cleaning of the pillow.