Ikora Pillow Cover Lagoon

Ikora Pillow Cover Lagoon

Many people don't think that pillows as part of your beauty routine, but they should. As well as you think about your beauty lineup and lineup of skincare products that you rely on for better skin, switching to silk pillowcases is a simple exchange that can pay the price for your hair and skin. Ikora Pillow Cover is one of the best silk pillow covers. Embroidery of Ikora pillow cover is totally handmade.

Benefits of Silk Cover:

Silk pillow covers aren't cheap at all (usually over $ 50) but from Kaprice Tropical you will buy Ikora Pillow Cover for just $29.99. It is made of 100% silk. I consulted with experts to discuss the potential benefits of beauty, including Dermatologists, hairstylists, and beauty experts who founded the Skin Care brand.

Benefits for Hair:

Most of us wake up with crazy hair, which can be annoying if you spend a lot of time styling your hair at night. This is because when you go into your sleep, you roll on the bed take sides, your hair rubs against your pillow cover, It creates friction that can cause breakage hair. According to hair specialists, silk pillow covers can help to maintain your style and keep your hair smoother than cotton pillow covers because they put less friction on your hair.

Ikora Pillow Cover Lagoon

Silk pillow covers are beneficial for all types of hair, but people with curly, thin, or blonde hair can find it especially helpful.

Blonde hair is more sensitive, so silk will help prevent further damage. In addition, curly hair tends to bend due to the friction of cotton, so silk will help to 'glide' the hair.

Silk pillow covers may not be best for oily hair as compared to cotton pillow covers. If you have dry hair silk pillow covers are more beneficial for you.

Ikora Pillow Cover Lagoon

Benefits for Skin:

According to beauty experts, a silk pillow cover can help people with acne, as a silk pillow cover creates less friction on your face than cotton at night. Due to how soft the fabric is, it provides relief to even the most sensitive people.

For concern around aging skin or wrinkles, an anti-aging routine that includes mineral sunscreen, as well as lifestyle choices that prevent aging, like sun avoidance, not smoking, exercise, a healthy diet, and for sleep use a good pillow with silk pillow covers.