Hicks Weave Pillow Cover - Midnight

Hicks Weave Pillow Cover

We know that a healthy night's sleep can keep us young and refreshed, but can pillow covers be the secret to waking up young and refreshed? Sleeping with a good pillow cover can give you smooth and glowing skin?

Hicks weave pillow covers are essential for beauty. We did research and asked experts if sleeping with a good pillow cover will make a difference to our skin or hair? And we got the answer in the form of Yes!

Weave Pillow Cover

Why Should We Buy it?

  • Unique Modern Design
  • Incredible Features
  • Perfect Gift
  • Fabric and Size
  • Smooth and Durable Design           

Unique Modern Design

Hicks weave pillow covers have a stylish appearance, they will stand out in the mix. Excellent fabric will exceed your expectations. A fabric with an interesting and tribal design. American and British style decoration. Excellent colors using fabrics, warm and comfortable.

Incredible Features: 

Supports hidden zip that helps easily on and off. Absolutely cute and nice beautiful pillow covers. Thick fabric, really strengthens your back well, unique design, good quality. The attractive-looking pillow covers fit perfectly and add great texture to your cushion collection.

Weave Pillow Cover

Perfect Gift 

We bring you the best quality and workmanship with these pillowcases. Extremely cute and very attractive design these pillow covers will last you many fun events and seasons to come. Thanksgiving or Christmas, to decorate your living room, bedroom, sofa, car seat, floor, or office, this could be a great gift for your loved ones.

Fabric and Size 

This pillow cover is made of 96% Polyester and 4% cotton. The fabric is soft and dense. Nice and tight seams including nearby the zipper. The shiny effect makes this pillow cover so distinctive.

Smooth and Durable Design.

In our quest for high-quality design, we carefully pick a fabric combination that is durable enough for everyday wear and quite soft to make your pillow comfortable.