Gift Card

Gift Card

If you are confused to choose a gift card for your loved ones, kick off your worries and sit back because we have an exciting gift card for you. Give someone special a gift of choice with Kaprice Tropical handcrafted designer throw pillows. Our Throw Pillows are inspired by the people and world around us. Beautiful, High-quality goods that are handcrafted especially for you. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

Gift Card

In addition, You will receive a confirmation email, followed by a second email with gift card information. Moreover, you can print the gift card, or copy and paste a link to email to the recipient. Kaprice Tropical is a designer and thrower of handcrafted throw pillows and decorative pillows. Especially, we have plaid pillows that add cultural diversity to your space by decorating the home.

Specifications of handcrafted designer throw pillows Gift Card:

High-Quality Design

Modern, neutral, and universal design, it can be used in any environment. Fill them with pillows to give your home a beautiful look!

Durable Material

The pillowcases are made of 100% natural woven cotton fabric, which is a durable and washable fabric. Basically, Camel is a high-quality faux leather trolley, which can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Durable Work

The seams are double aligned and riveted, and the hidden zippers at the bottom are clean, helping to remove the lid frequently and make it stand comfortably when packing.

Premium cotton that gives extreme comfort

Our premium cotton for pillows and sheets is grown on small local commercial farms in Villages. After harvesting, the cotton is collected and stored in boxes, the grains are extracted, and the cotton fibers are manually rolled and chopped. Although, At a distance of a few meters, craftsmen tie sewing threads to the legs. Hence, it cut and sew cotton strips to prepare them for the dyeing process.

Why people love handcrafted designer throw pillows Gift Card

The Craftsmen hand-dye the fabric and decorate it with a mixture of fermented river soil and tree leaves. In the next step, symbols and patterns are drawn on the canvas, which is an example of cultural significance. When the decoration is complete, the clothes are hung on the trees to dry in the sun and soon ready for export.

Unique design that makes a difference

Beautifully embroidered Susan embroidered pillowcase with cotton piping. These handmade pillows made of silk threads give a perfect shape. The cushion cover can help a person create a beautiful atmosphere in their bedroom or living room. The cushion cover is designed using timeless classic shapes and patterns. Susan embroidery with colorful silk threads adds beauty to the pillow. A dynamic design can have a huge impact on your guests. Furthermore, adding it to home furnishings brings warmth, color, and traditional style to any room.

Beautiful Gift Card with exciting products

Comparatively, these pillow courses are specially designed. We have over 200 unique designs available, just upload some designs to show off your creativity, and let us know if you're interested, so we're happy to share our catalog with you.

Correspondingly, each piece of cloth is carefully hand-moved from around the world.

Kaprice Tropical offers one of the finest textures and designs and gives your space a unique and world-class story. Each cushion is handcrafted and is truly unique.