Celine Lumbar Pillow Cover

Celine Lumbar Pillow Cover

The pillow cover is made of Celine Lumbar Pillow cover - but you probably already guessed.

Here's what you may not know: Contrary to popular belief, polyester and linen are not the same types of fabric. Boom! The brain is blown, right?

Celine Lumbar pillow covers have become a complete item because they are considered better for you than cotton pillows that often come with a sheet set.

Celine Lumbar Pillow Cover

Benefits for Hair

Freeze Protection

Because polyester and linen are smooth fabrics, it does not hurt the hair follicles in any way, as can be the case with regular pillows. The result is a glimpse. Cheer up friends with curly hair.

Less Confusion

Fabrics like cotton, when you change position during sleep and, other bedtime activities your hair does not move.

If your hair is fine, dry, or tangled, the silkiness of a polyester and linen pillow means you no longer have to wake up and look like a faded Yorkie.

Celine Lumbar Pillow Cover

The Chances of Hair Loss are Low

People with good hair or those who are experiencing hair loss, listen!

According to Cheung, less friction and tugging with less structured pillows can lead to less broken hair. Not brushing will also help reduce wear and tear.

Your Favorite Style will Last Longer

Same reason as above: The thinner the surface, the less likely things are to go wrong. It can help keep your blowout or salon-style safe for more days than a cotton pillow.

Your Hair will Stay Hydrated

According to Cheung, Celine Lumbar Pillow cover is less dry than cotton, which makes it easier for your hair to retain moisture.

Pillow Cover


The only downside to polyester pillows is that they may not be ideal for warm nights for some people.

Although most people find polyester cool, especially when they first keep their heads down, some people have trouble with the heat. Although it can be more material than polyester and linen weaving.

Also, it is a matter of personal preference. Gold on a slippery surface is not everyone's cup of tea.