Celine Lumbar 22 x 22 Pillow Cover - Graphite

22 x 22 Pillow Cover

Celine Lumbar 22 x 22 Pillow Cover

Graceful sleep is not just taking the suggested eight to ten hours of shut-eye as depending on what you are sleeping, you may be harming your hair and skin. Resting on a 22 x 22 pillow will help decrease the appearance of sleep lines, wrinkles on your face. This is quite important for people with acne, as friction can be a huge issue, as it opens up wounds and spreads bacteria in the pillow.

22 x 22 Pillow Cover

You might hear of women sleeping on polyester and linen pillows covers, but you may not be aware of the benefits affiliated with pillow covers.

Incredible Benefits of Celine Lumbar 22 x 22 Pillow Cover:

Reduces Wrinkles

The celine lumbar pillow cover is soft to the touch and lets the face slide against pillowcases. Other fabrics, such as cotton and wool, can cause friction while moving. This friction makes lines, and wrinkles nearby your eyes, forehead, and mouth during sleep!

22 x 22 Pillow Cover

With 22 x 22 pillow cover pillowcases, the skin can move without any friction and you wake up on the face of your pillow without any wrinkles. Also, linen and polyester pillows maintain your eyelashes and eyebrows longer when you migrate your face back and forth on the pillows.

Holds & Keeps Hair Shiny 

Your hairs move a lot when you sleep. A cotton pillow cover weakens the strengths of your hairs over time and increases the risk of hair breakage. Sleeping on a 22 x 22 pillow cover helps smooth your hair. The softness of both Linen and polyester eliminates the friction that occurs when the rubbing of the hair meets the fabric. An added benefit is that linen and polyester help keep your style cool and less sleepy when you wake up.

22 x 22 Pillow Cover

22 x 22 Pillow Cover Prevents  Hair Loss

When hair is dry, it tends to break. This breakage can cause hair loss. With linen and polyester pillow cover, you can keep your hair strong and prevent the loss of valuable strands.

22 x 22 Pillow Cover

Clears the Complexion

The 22 x 22 pillow cover helps maintain the skin soft and lets the pores breathe. A cotton pillow cover, on the other hand, absorbs moisture from the skin at bedtime. With linen and polyester pillows, the skin can breathe extra, reduce pores, minimize irritation and improve redness and firmness.