Celine 20 x 20 Pillow Cover - Graphite

20 x 20 Pillow Cover

Our celine 20 x 20 pillow cover is made of high-quality linen and polyester. This pillow cover has a multi-line color pattern that makes your house more attractive and innovative. We designed this neutral look that can be combined with any house decor. This pillow set is so cool that you can take it to your farmhouse house for a sofa, chair, or any corner. It can be boho or stylish farmhouse decor. 

20 x 20 Pillow Cover

Whether indoors on the sofa or outside, adding pillows is a great way to give a stylish and decorative look to your house.

20 x 20 Pillow Cover Features And Benefits

Durable, antibacterial, and easy-care linen fabric cushion covers are the best bed companions for a comfortable sleep. No harsh chemicals are used to craft these pillow covers, it means sleeping on our pillow covers won't increase sensitive or acne-prone skin. Let's look at some benefits and features of linen pillow covers.

20 x 20 Pillow Cover

Unique Design

The multi-line color pattern design on both sides of celine pillow cover is elegant and beautiful. This 20 x 20 pillow cover combines natural and modern style, which can extra decorate your sofa, chair, bedroom, living room, and other areas in your home.

Invisible zipper

The invisible zipper is really easy to use and assures the beauty of the pillow. The zipper hides great for the decorated shape. It fits and holds the pillow very well.

20 x 20 Pillow Cover

Soft & Losing Lasting

Celine pillow covers are completely soft and smooth and they are specially made with a high-quality fiber that is not found in another pillow. From our 20 x 20 pillow cover size, we make sure to test and re-test our pillow covers, design them with original fabrics. So, you don’t have to spend your money on buying pillow covers again and again.

20 x 20 Pillow Cover

Best Gift 

Decorative celine pillow cover is a beautiful addition to any home. It is a great gift for your relatives and friends on Weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday parties. You can give it to any age person and both men & women.