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Pillow Cover

Whether you're decorating a hotel, renovating a home, or just replacing pillows or cushions, there are always causes to spend cash on new things. In 2016, furniture sales in the United States exceeded $90 billion. That is a lot of money.

We waste a lot of cash on our furniture. Protecting this investment is essential. There are a lot of ways to keep your furniture clean. For keeping your furniture clean, a buster pillow cover can help your furniture last longer and can be great for your health.

Buster Pillow Cover

Top Benefits of Using Buster Pillow and Cushion Cover

From house decor to traveling, buster pillow covers are important. So, Let’s have a look at the benefits of buster pillow covers.

Bustor Covers Keep Your Pillows Cleaner

Pillows are widely used. We spend a 3rd of our lifetime sleeping on pillows. They are often used during the day to take a nap or lie down to rest. Due to their constant touch with our skin, pillows accumulate a number of sweat, dirt, and germs. Over time, a pillow will fill up and get dirty with only natural clothing. 

Buster Pillow Cover

Adopting a pillow cover will stop germs and dirt from forming and prevent them from getting into the pillow. Buster pillow covers are easy to remove and wash while keeping pillows soft, and clean.

Defense Against Bed Bugs

If you have ever felt bed bugs, you can understand how uncomfortable it can be. If you don't have one, try to avoid it. Getting rid of a bed bug infection can lose thousands of dollars and even leave the occupants homeless for some days. Buster pillows covers prevent bed bugs from entering the pillow and nesting.

Pillow Cover

Fluff It Up

It is important to keep the pillow-soft. Pillows and pillow covers can help to protect our bodies from sweat and oil. For maximum fluff, you can also dry clean your feathered down pillows. We recommend to dry clean your pillow covers after every 3 months to keep them soft and fresh.