Bourghiluxe Set (Eclipse, Dawn, Persimmon)

Bourghiluxe Set

Bourghiluxe Set

Bourghiluxe polyester is a synthetic fabric found in the best pillows, fabrics, and sheets. As the popularity of polyester has increased in the last century, it has largely replaced cotton as a cushion fill. When used in pillows, polyester is usually called polyester fiber or fiberfill. It is described as lightweight and airy fibers that look like cotton.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Pillow

Many polyester pillows look alike at first glance. Having a basic understanding of the components that make up a pillow and how it affects functionality allows you to look and choose the best pillow for you.

  • Loft
  • Support
  • Pressure Relief
  • Price


Pillow loft refers to the width of the pillow. Thick pillows raise your head above the mattress. They are best suited for side sleepers who need an extra lift to avoid shoulder pain and neck sprains. Back sleepers prefer medium-height pillows that keep their head at a comfortable distance from the pillow, and those who sleep on their stomachs need a hard high place. Bourghiluxe polyester pillows are made with the loft and are often adjustable.


The support of a pillow is directly related to its height and strength.

Bourghiluxe polyester pillows are soft as well as strong. This makes people suitable for sleepers who need extra head and neck support.

Pressure Relief:

Materials that fit more closely provide better pressure relief. Although polyester fiber memory foam does relieve high pressure, it does a good job of forming the head and neck to reduce pressure points.

Bourghiluxe Set


Since pillows usually need to be replaced after a few years, this cheap pillow is attractive to buyers. However, a cheap pillow can hurt your back and neck and make it difficult to find a comfortable position. The fact is that cheap pillows usually go bad quickly, which means you will soon have to pay for another one.

The most suitable strategy is to do your research and try to discover a pillow that gives good value to your wealth. So, bourghiluxe set is the best you can trust and spend your precious money on.