Bourgeois Pillow Cover - Midnight

Bourgeois Pillow Cover

You are going to love everything about this bourgeois pillow cover. This pillows cover has the seasonal style you are looking for! The color is Midnight Blue and it looks great with its modern style. All our pillows are professionally made in the USA. Some fabrics are limited. All edges are serged, and only premium fabrics and zippers are used.

The attractive design is complemented by a palette of warm blue and dark blue. The design is well-focused. The collaboration of the neutrals prevents the core from looking too much or too busy. Two wooden buttons on the back secure the pillow.

Pillow Cover

Features And Benefits

Pillow cover will prevent germs, dead skin from building up and prevent it from getting into the pillow. Zippered pillow covers are simple to remove and clean while keeping pillows, soft and clean. Pillows and cushions are also known to catch and retain allergens. Let’s have a look at some features and the benefits of the bourgeois pillow cover.

Soft & Stylish

Here is a stylish and comfy pillow for your sweet home. Our 20" w x 20" piece navy blue sleeve is made of 80% polyester with a zipped opening.

Pillow Cover

Unique Color

The lovely deep shade of navy blue makes the cover innovative and it is considered a favorite of interior designers. The perfect combination for modern decor, traditional decor, stylish decor, etc.

Zipper Closure

These pillowcases have simple zipper closures that are quick and easy to remove. Easily insert them into the pillow and place them outside. Compatible case with 20" w x 20" pillow inserts.

Pillow Cover

Wide Application:

With its blue color, it goes perfectly with neutral tones, tint colors, and shiny colors. This is the perfect cushion for your sofa, chair, tv launch, or bedroom.

Easy To Clean

Simply dry clean this pillow cover. You can also dry clean cover in your home. Prevent them from high temperatures areas like the kitchen. We do not recommend machine wash and bleach.