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Blanky Pillow Cover

Want to refresh your sofa pillow or brighten your bed? Our selection offers a wide range of choices. Choose mix and matching style or favorite to match existing pillows in complementary colors. We make new designs for refreshing our textile collections throughout the year with new colors, designs, and fabrics.

Pillow Covers

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Extra Soft Cotton Pillow Cover
  • Tested fabric
  • Easy Care

Extra Soft Cotton Pillow Cover

Our pillows are created for everyday use, yet give the feeling of a luxurious hotel bed. The pillows for comfortable and restful sleep are made of 18% rayon and 82% natural, long cotton. They are durable, soft, and densely woven with a beautiful satin weave for breathability.

Blanky Pillow Cover

Tested Fabric

According to the instructions, our blanky pillow covers are examined and each fabric batch is also tested for different durability properties in a socially responsible manner such as less shrinkage, colorfastness, individual inspection. It's done and is finally packaged for sale.

Easy Care

Dry Clean, gentle cycle, tumble dry at low temperature, cool iron if required. Do not bleach.

Blanky Pillow Cover

Benefits of Blanky Pillow Covers

Our pillow covers can be the replacement of different pillow covers to support your hips, waist, neck, making them the perfect choice for pregnant women, bedrooms, children's bedrooms, and more. Pregnant women can reduce their fatigue and improve their sleep quality during pregnancy. Our unique envelope sealing design makes it easy to turn your pillow on or off.

Blanky Pillow Cover

Features of Blanky Pillow Covers

This fabric is stronger than ordinary cotton material. Some customers may feel stiffer than ordinary cotton. This cotton fabric absorbs air permeability and moisture. These pillows have been professionally washed with stone and have already pre-shrunk. We use the best stone washing techniques to offer the best vintage look. It will retain its softness even after numerous washes.